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‘The Suicide Squad’ is so politically subversive as to be shocking, especially for a Pentagon-approved corporate comic book movie

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This article contains spoilers for ‘The Suicide Squad’.

All director James Gunn had to do with his new movie ‘The Suicide Squad’ was make it not as awful as 2016’s ‘Suicide Squad’, directed by David Ayer.

I’m no Gunn fanboy, but he succeeded in this task by making a decent enough, very stylized comic book comedy that is best described as a foul-mouthed, blood-soaked, raucous romp akin to a second-rate ‘Deadpool’.

But Gunn’s greatest accomplishment with ‘The Suicide Squad’ was sneaking its remarkably subversive political message past his corporate overlords and censorious Department of Defense bureaucrats looking to trade an Osprey aircraft for content control.

How else to explain a mainstream comic book film that boasts symbolism which seems to hint at a ‘9/11 was an inside job’ conspiracy theory at its narrative heart, and anti-American imperialism at its sub-textural center?

The plot of ‘The Suicide Squad’ is that two ‘Suicide Squads’ of super-villains are sent on a mission by the US government to invade a small island off of South America, Corto Maltese, which was ruled by an American-friendly dictator now deposed by a hostile military coup.

The first group of Suicide Squad-ers hit the Corto Maltese beach like the Bay of Pigs invasion force, and meet a similarly gruesome fate.

When supervillain Savant tries to run away from the fray, US government official Amanda Waller........

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