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‘America: The Motion Picture’ is so stupid it actually thinks it’s smart… just like the country it parodies

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‘America: The Motion Picture’ is a new animated feature film on Netflix that parodies the founding fathers and the American revolution.

The movie, directed by Matt Thompson and written by Dave Callahan, boasts a stellar voice cast of Channing Tatum, Bobby Moynihan, Will Forte, Olivia Munn, Simon Pegg and Andy Samberg, among many others, and some imaginative animation.

But the most distinguishing feature of ‘America: The Motion Picture’ is also the most distinguishing feature of the country whose founding it parodies, and that is its condescending, blindly arrogant belief that it’s so smart, despite the obvious fact that it’s so egregiously, relentlessly stupid.

Just to give you a taste of the absurdity and idiocy on display in this film, here’s a brief rundown of the plot…

George Washington and Abe Lincoln are best friends, and when Benedict ‘Cosby’ Arnold, who is a werewolf, slaughters the signers of the Declaration of Independence, steals the document, and then murders Lincoln at the Ford Theatre, Washington vows revenge and to stop the British Empire from taking over the world. Oh, and Washington has chainsaws that pop out of his arm like a founding-father Wolverine when he does battle.

Washington then gets his team together, which include Geronimo, Thomas Edison (who is a Chinese woman), Sam Adams (who is a party-hound frat bro), and Paul Revere (who is friendless and quite possibly a human/horse hybrid),........

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