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‘A Quiet Place II’ falls dramatically, culturally and politically flat as it fails to live up to the suspenseful original

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In 2018, the monster movie/horror film ‘A Quiet Place’ snuck up on movie audiences and frightened and thrilled the hell out of them to the tune of a $340 million worldwide box office take on a $21 million budget.

That movie, written, directed and starring John Krasinski, was a taut and tense, edge-of-your-seat original about an isolated family with a deaf daughter trying to survive after an invasion by sound sensitive aliens that kill anything they hear.

Besides being an unexpected success, the film and its ingenious major plot point of the need to keep quiet or be killed was also surprisingly a cultural and political lightning rod as it was a potent metaphor for political correctness, cancel culture and the silencing of alternative views – things which have only increased since 2018.

Considering corporate Hollywood’s insatiable hunger for reusable intellectual property it can exploit for profit, it isn’t surprising that Paramount Pictures has gone back to the well to try and recapture the magic, and more importantly the box office success, of the first film.

‘A Quiet Place II’ was ready to go back in the spring of 2020 but Covid delayed the release for over a year. But now it’s in theaters and Paramount is so desperate for a hit they are actually running a short introduction to the film from Krasinski........

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