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Brexit or not, things will get worse unless neo-liberalism is brought to end – Ken Livingstone

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It is over two-and-a-half years since the British people voted to leave the EU and all Theresa May has come up with is a shambolic deal.

She also has to live with the fact that this is the most-divided parliament perhaps for over a century. Out of 650 MPs, there may only be 200 to 250 Tories prepared to support her deal; and a small handful of Labour MPs, perhaps just under a dozen. Those likely to vote against it could be anything up to 80 Tory MPs and virtually 250 Labour MPs. The SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Lib Dems and one Green MP are also voting against May’s deal. Her semi-coalition partners, the Northern Irish DUP, are also opposed to it.

While there is a still majority against the deal, there doesn’t seem to be a majority for any alternative. Two thirds of Labour MPs represent constituencies that voted to leave and the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has respected the fact that the majority of British people voted to leave in May 2016. In the last week, Theresa May’s government has been defeated twice in the House of Commons as a handful of Tory MPs sided with Labour and the other parties. The most recent vote forces her to return within three days with a new proposal if her deal is voted down.

I have never known the people of Britain so divided over an issue. Sensibly, Corbyn is demanding a new general election and the Labour Party is moving in favor of something similar to the Norway deal. Norway isn’t a member of the EU but is effectively a member of its economic bloc. If Labour negotiated a Norway-style deal, Britain would remain in the single market and in a permanent customs union. This would solve the problem of the Northern Ireland border and would leave Britain free to devise its own policies over fisheries and agriculture. One thing that is attractive to Labour MPs about a Norway deal is that the Norwegian government has just about the biggest level of state aid to its........

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