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Mass migration brought down the Roman Empire. Can it bring down the American Empire?

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There is much the ancient world can teach us; and one of its most salient lessons is that mass migration – the product of conflict, societal collapse and/or extreme poverty – is capable of destroying the most powerful of empires.

Consider Rome, whose legions bestrode the ancient world like a colossus for a thousand years, and whose great and cruel, and most illustrious names – Caesar, Pompey, Augustus, Nero, Hadrian, Vespasian, Constantine, et al. – still induce awe and wonder despite the passage of millennia.

At its height, it would have been the very acme of insanity to claim that an empire that stretched from the Italian peninsula all the way across Western Europe and down into North Africa and the Middle East, could possibly be erased from the pages of history.

Yet erased it was when in 476 CE, what was then known as the Western Roman Empire was brought to its knees after successive barbarian invasions, made up of Germanic tribes, finally succeeded in penetrating the borders of the empire, leading ultimately to its demise.

The symbols of Roman power – the imperial vestments, diadem and purple cloak – were sent to Constantinople (Istanbul), the seat of power of the eastern half of the empire at that time. It brought the curtain down on hundreds of years of history, confirming that no empire, regardless of its economic and military might, lasts in perpetuity.

In truth, Rome’s........

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