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Oligarchy dies in darkness? WaPo wants a bigger role for 'elites' in picking the president, & doesn't even try to hide why

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The popular vote has been declared an anachronistic inconvenience in a WaPo oped by Marquette University professor Julie Azari that bemoans the "rocky start" to the Democratic primaries. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is leading the popular vote in the first two states, but this doesn't match the delegate count, which unsurprisingly favors establishment favorite Pete Buttigieg. It's best, then — according to Azeri — to throw out the whole system.

Starting from the relatively uncontroversial principle that the current primary system is overly complex and sometimes coughs up unviable candidates, Azari takes a hard oligarchic turn. She calls for further disenfranchising ordinary voters by making their "vote" merely a suggestion given to an elected "intermediate representative," who then "bargains" with the other representatives without being bound by the wishes of the voters who put them in place.

If that sounds like the nominating system already in place at the party conventions, you're not wrong. Azeri, it seems, merely wants to extend........

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