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National Guard troops couching curfew in the Macarena are the ‘dancing nurses’ of the George Floyd crackdown

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The country has slipped with surprisingly little fanfare from the de facto medical martial law imposed in the name of the coronavirus pandemic into the real thing, deploying actual soldiers onto the streets of American cities to rein in unruly protesters, rioters, and looters with nary a peep from the heavily armed political factions that promised to fight for their rights if any of President Donald Trump’s predecessors had tried such a thing.

Power seized isn’t necessarily power kept, however, and Americans aren’t used to seeing military uniforms on the streets of their cities. In a climate where the police are so unpopular even the ruling class who gives them their marching orders wants to defund them, the National Guard are, for all intents and purposes, cops on steroids. On top of that, they’re weighed down by the guilt built up over two decades of War on Terror atrocities committed by their brethren fighting in the Middle East.

Hence: dancing. A few dozen National Guardsmen in Atlanta were apparently filmed gyrating to ‘90s party anthem the ‘Macarena’ on Friday night as the city’s 8pm curfew loomed. Skeptics declared they were recycling a trick played on Iraqi kids in the early years of the most recent invasion, posting a video appearing to show a US soldier demonstrating the same dance moves to a group of scared-looking children.

US military psychological operations officers attempted to pacify Iraqis by teaching children the macarena. Now this tactic is successfully being used on protesters in the US to get them to abide by curfew. This is a counter-insurgency strategy. https://t.co/GLexOVI95Ypic.twitter.com/6Np6apB53l

The parallels between the martial law being gradually imposed in the wake of the massive........

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