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It’s not misogyny to point out Kamala Harris’ many failings… men and women alike should be fearful if she becomes president

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The ‘Manosphere’ – an ecosystem of blogs, message boards and Discord channels populated by unabashed male chauvinists who believe women shouldn’t even be voting, let alone serving in office – is terrified by the prospect of Kamala Harris becoming the US’ first female president. So says Jezebel, at least – the bible of corporate feminists and identity politics enthusiasts with two X chromosomes.

The idea that Joe Biden, who turns 78 on Friday and would be the nation’s oldest-ever president if inaugurated in January, will be pushed to the side (or suffer further mental and physical deterioration) and Harris given the reins is framed in last week’s article as “part of a paranoid fantasy about gynocentric ‘pinkout’ of ‘femoid’ political control,” a testosterone-addled fever dream.

Yet the possibility of Biden stepping aside to hand Harris control is hardly a conspiracy theory. In fact, it’s so mainstream it was floated by CNN in August, while Quartz wrote an entire article playing out the scenario earlier this month. Many other establishment pundits have made no secret of their desire to see the old white........

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