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Mainstream media tries to paint Britain as a Dis-United Kingdom that’s polarised like the US. The truth is very different

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The British media, and parts of the political class, seem keen to portray the UK as a hideously divided country. When Jeremy Corbyn was leading Labour, he was constantly derided for being wildly left wing, and Boris Johnson’s Tories have been chastised as the ‘most right-wing government’ in a lifetime.

From the rhetoric and the media coverage, an alien who’d just landed in Britain would be forgiven for thinking that at the last election the voters were facing a choice between Leon Trotsky and General Franco. But what, really, is being argued about?

Out of laziness and a lack of language skills, the country Britain mainly chooses to compare itself to is the USA. You see parallels being drawn all the time; the Tories are like the Republicans and Labour mirrors the Democrats. Boris Johnson is a British Donald Trump, because both of them have faintly ridiculous hair and have put it about a bit with the ladies.

Movements are imported from the US like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and there seems to be a desperate desire to say that Britain has the same problems as America. But this is simply inaccurate; Britain is nothing like America.

Firstly, the most obvious parallel, that the Tories are Republicans and Labour are the Democrats, doesn’t hold up to any scrutiny. The colours don’t even match. The simple fact of the matter is that virtually every member of the House of Commons would be a Democrat if you transported their views over to America.

One only has to look at the fact that many of the........

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