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Is there actually ANYTHING conservative about Boris Johnson’s Tories? From culture to the economy, they’re drifting ever leftwards

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The Conservative Party appears to be increasingly in need of a name change. Devotees of the Guardian, New Statesman and lefty Twitter would have you believe that Boris Johnson’s Tories are the “most right-wing governmentin 50 years.” They act as if BoJo is Maggie Thatcher on amphetamines, about to deregulate everything, slash the top rate of income tax to about 15 percent, deport anyone who doesn’t have a double-barrelled surname, and sell Wales to Best Western Hotels. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is virtually nothing about this government, nor the previous nine years of Tory-led rule in Britain, that can be construed as a “conservative” policy. Indeed, in many ways they have in fact been more left wing than any Labour government in history, particularly on cultural and social issues.

And now that Johnson is invoking the big-spending FDR as his new inspiration (he does have a fondness for WWII leaders) to get Britain out of the economic hole dug by his own coronavirus lockdown, the Tories look set to sail further left on the only aspect of their party that could still be considered remotely conservative.

Regardless of one’s personal view of some of these issues, it is impossible to argue that the position taken by the Tory Party is a conservative one. Most recently, they passed yet further liberalization of the divorce laws allowing for “no fault divorces.” Obviously, the prime minister’s, and indeed many other Tory MPs’, somewhat elastic view of fidelity is well documented, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a distinctly un-conservative act.

Likewise, the establishment of gay marriage under David Cameron. Again, one’s personal view of this issue is irrelevant, but it is by no stretch a “conservative” policy to introduce it. Even Barack Obama said marriage was “between a man and woman” when he was running for president in 2008, because the contrary view was viewed as too liberal and radical even for a Democrat.


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