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As a conservative, I pity woke liberals who allow political differences to ruin their appreciation of art. Why be so fragile?

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I’m that most unfashionable of things, a conservative. In terms of being considered cool, that puts me somewhere between Crocs and Donny Osmond in the current culture, but you can at least get away with liking those things “ironically.” I’ve basically always been this way, I often joke when people ask me if I “ever went through a lefty phase” by replying, “Well, I voted for David Cameron twice.”

As such, I’m very used to the idea that most of my cultural heroes – musicians, actors, comedians, authors, and so on – would probably think I was an a**hole. In the unlikely event I’d ever end up at dinner with, say, Ricky Gervais or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, I’d probably give politics a miss just for a quiet life.

I’ve always moved in mostly liberal circles, working as I have in the media in London for years. I even made a brief foray into stand-up comedy. But having “controversial” opinions such as thinking Brexit was broadly a good idea and not believing Donald Trump was “literally Hitler” haven’t exactly won me friends. On the occasions I’ve been asked directly for my view on either subject and answered truthfully, I’ve been greeted with the kind of look I’d expect to get for having just confessed that my main hobbies are dogging and Freemasonry.........

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