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George Galloway: The newly woke Labour Party hates its voters too much – it’s right to fear they will pick me instead

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Being unwilling to pay Mr Murdoch to see over his wall, I have no idea what photographs of me Labour councillors in the Batley and Spen constituency are circulating on WhatsApp, but they’re unlikely to be happy snaps in the eyes of Sir Keir Starmer, the beleaguered leader of the Labour Party.

The party born over a century ago from the belly of the British working class now has scarcely a worker in it, and an ever diminishing number voting for it. The so-called Red Wall stretching from the Midlands north, once virtually impregnable to Conservative assault, lies in ruins. Tory MPs sit atop the ruined coalfields and desolation rows that a previous generation of Conservatives once devastated in the great de-industrialisation of Britain by Mrs Thatcher just 40 years ago.

The neo-liberal orthodoxies of Thatcher-Reaganomics saw the grass grow in the streets along the Red Wall, as coal mining, steelworks, the automotive industry, shipbuilding and a hundred manufacturers in the first workshop of the world were all cruelly dispatched – slaughtered as formerly sacred cows at the dawn of a new religion: money. She may have been an Iron Lady, but there sure wasn’t much iron being made in Britain by the time she left.

How then can it be that former fortresses of Labour have been tumbling to the Tories since the December 2019 election, and with no sign of the onslaught ending? As recently as last month, the actually impregnable northern constituency of........

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