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If Sam Smith's new tattoo of a boy in stilettos and underwear is what 'non-binary gender' means, then I want nothing to do with it

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Smith came out in a blaze of publicity two years ago. At the time, the singer explained that being non-binary was “your own special creation.” Last week, a remarkable creation was tattooed onto Smith’s arm.

A boy wearing nothing but underwear and women’s stilettos gazes in a mirror. According to People Magazine, it seems to be a tribute to Smith’s non-binary gender identity.

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If this is what non-binary means, I want nothing to do with it. Whether the image depicts Smith or someone else, it should make us all question what is going on under the burgeoning LGBTQQIAAP umbrella.

Gay and lesbian people campaigned for the right to marry someone of the same sex and then hold their hand in the street without being abused. Transsexual people like me fought for the right to change our bodies to resemble the opposite sex and not be fired from our jobs as a result. In the UK – where both Smith and I were born – those rights are secure. Yes, there are objectionable people around, but all the legal battles have been won. The future should be a world where we can roll up our sleeves and contribute to society in the same way as everyone else. The fact that we are LGB or T should be irrelevant.

But for Smith it appears to be a journey in the other direction, where........

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