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Gene editing to protect US military: How the US could create a race of super soldiers

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There will come a time where sci-fi movies write themselves. These moving pictures wouldn’t even be referred to as science-fiction, as they would more or less be based on reality. Where it isn’t yet based on reality, it has to be said that we are getting to a stage now where it is probably only a matter of time until that concept has been actualized by government-funded scientists who seek to aid the US military.

According to the Defense Department, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is currently advancing a notion known as gene editing (or genome editing) with a view of it benefiting US military personnel. Gene editing is essentially a group of technologies that allow scientists to change an organism’s DNA, by adding, removing or altering genetic material at particular locations in the genome.

The most recent and well known approach is called CRISPR-Cas9. Now, I’m no scientist, so I will let the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists explain this one to you. According to the Bulletin:

“The CRISPR-based gene drive is a section of genetic code (DNA) that is edited into an organism’s genome. The drive contains a modified gene as well as the code for “guide” RNA (a molecule similar to DNA) that can target genes that researchers seek to modify. The drive also contains the code for a gene-cutting protein called Cas-9, which is used in gene editing. Sexually reproducing organisms receive two copies of a given gene, one from each parent. If one of those copies contains a modified-gene connected to a........

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