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China – not Iran – is the real reason US troops will never leave Iraq

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Over the past few weeks, Iraq has slowly but surely begun its re-descent into chaos. According to reports, tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to protest Iraq’s current state of governance, with over 250 already being killed in clashes with security forces. One protester even died last week, after being hit in the chest by a tear-gas canister in Baghdad. At the time of writing, Iraqi protesters have just stormed Iran’s consulate in the holy city of Karbala, resulting in four further deaths and at least 19 injuries.

I can’t help but notice that, when Iraq is being ruled as a US client state, clashes with security forces that see hundreds of civilian deaths are no big deal. It’s not as if the US can hustle the international community to legitimize another invasion of a country it’s invaded twice before. It does therefore ring quite hypocritical when the sole basis of Washington’s call for the Syrian government to step down in 2011 seemed to be based on allegations of a similar fact scenario. But that is a topic for a separate article.

Then again, it was the US who plunged Iraq into chaos to begin with. The US, together with the UK, toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003, fired close to 500,000 police and military personnel (which to some extent contributed to the rise of ISIS), and facilitated the deaths of over one million Iraqi civilians in the process.

After actively bringing about the circumstances in which a terror group like ISIS could cement itself in a war-torn nation and thrive, the US then helped raze entire Iraqi cities to the ground in a bid to recapture territory they allowed ISIS to grab hold of without question in the first place.

But forget all of this trivial history – a mere coincidence, some might say. What should really be troubling us is not Washington’s involvement in Iraq. In fact, this time around we have a new enemy so potent – diggings its claws well into Baghdad – that we shouldn’t worry about Russia, Iran or even North Korea.

Our new enemy, and by proxy, Iraq’s new enemy (given that only we know what is best for Iraq), is China.

Last week, 23 countries, including the US, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, condemned China at the United Nations over its alleged mistreatment of the Uighur ethnic minority. A group of 54........

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