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Trans takeover: Mums are cancelled, as ‘chestfeeding’ militants get breastfeeding counsellors suspended

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In the neverending gender debate that obsesses a particular section of the Western middle-class liberal population, it’s funny that no one is ever asked to sign a petition demanding that women be allowed to use men’s public urinals.

Strangely, however, there seems to be a growing queue of trans women – who for simplicity’s sake, let’s agree were born male – pushing to use what are widely considered female-allocated public and workplace toilets and changing rooms, as they insist on being given the full set of privileges society allows its members born with two X chromosomes.

Which is puzzling, because using the gents’ trough, that most manly of realms, would certify the entrant as a fully fledged member of the stand-up club. But that’s not what the gender argument is really about. It’s about the traffic in the opposite lane.

For those trans women and their supporters who insist on encroaching on previously female-only territory in their quest to force the world around them to recognise their new gender identity as distinct from the biology they were born with, any gain is trumpeted as a turning point for civilisation.

While no one on the other side of the........

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