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New vegan propaganda movie ‘Eating Our Way To Extinction’ with Kate Winslet certainly won’t make me give up meat & fish

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For any budding movie producer, having a famous relative in the game provides a massive boost, as Ludo and Otto Brockway found out this week with the release of their vegan doomsday flick ‘Eating Our Way To Extinction’.

Sister-in-law Kate Winslet, who provides the narration for their project, injected some all-important Hollywood star power by turning up at the movie’s premiere in London’s West End last week and even welled up with tears for authenticity’s sake in a brief speech explaining how proud she was of the brothers’ desire to change the world.

As well as launching with a ‘glitzy’ showbiz night, packed out with reality stars and Z-listers with names like Montana, Kady, Shanae and Julius, the doc has also won the endorsement of Winslet’s ‘Titanic’ co-star Leonardo DiCaprio, who described it as “the film future generations will be wishing everyone watched today”. Otto Brockway’s former squeeze, Princess Eugenie, must have had other plans.

But the excitement soon faded when I headed for the first night of general release at a small indy cinema in a particularly gritty corner of London’s East End. The adoring crowds of the premiere had dwindled to a paying audience of just 12 people, including me. Unlike the red carpet premiere, no one appeared to have come from ‘Love Island’.

Winslet, a vegetarian, had clearly called in the favours for the stepbrothers of her vegan husband Edward Abel Smith in support of the launch of their trans-global polemic against agribusiness and aquaculture farming, which unsurprisingly segues into vegan cheerleading.

The message is well-intentioned, really, but........

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