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A new book, ‘The Transgender Issue’, is a tale of rampant victimhood that views straight white people as reactionary oddities

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Over the past week, I’ve been working on a new family game to be played around the dining table, based loosely on the popular wood block tower challenge of Jenga (although my idea adds an exciting twist all under a new name, of course). It’s called Genda™.

The tower is assembled from familiar blocks, but this time, each one bears the label of a particular identity commonly addressed by the supporters of critical theory. There’s a huge selection of common terminology used in this field, all centred around building a tower of grievance, underpinned by victimhood. So there will be ‘person of colour’, ‘disabled’, ‘migrant’, ‘unskilled worker’ and, of course, ‘transgender’.

Then, as the game progresses and each player alternately withdraws a block, claiming that identity for themselves amid their stack of other identities, the tower will eventually become less stable until it collapses among laughter and shouts of surprise. But here’s the twist: the person who has the most blocks – who has assumed all those various identities – gets to blame everyone else for the disaster they caused and is declared the winner!

Brilliant, yes?

The inspiration came from a new........

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