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How anyone could see US political system as desirable is beyond me, the term ‘American democracy’ needs to be retired

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As was predicted long before Election Day, US President Donald Trump is pulling out all the stops he can to maintain power – discrediting the legitimacy of the vote, attempting to turn the election into a court battle, and thus encouraging his radical supporters to take to streets.

Declaring victory early, as I mentioned in my previous column for RT, has served to advance all of these strategies and make the election look like a “steal” by Democrats – but this is not what’s actually happening.

This election in particular has exposed how deeply anti-democratic the entire American political system actually is, which ought to be the real conversation.

First of all, Democrat Joe Biden has secured the most votes of any presidential candidate in American history. In any other developed democratic nation, the ballgame would already be over – Biden would have been the clear winner. In fact, Democrats won the popular vote but lost the election in 2000 – which ended up as a sham election decided by a conservative Supreme Court – and in 2016 when Donald Trump first won.

This is one of the perplexities of the American democratic system, the Electoral College. According to its proponents, the Electoral College encourages the US’ federal system by allowing rural states to have a fair say in national politics that reflects their unique interests. This is also reflected in the makeup of the legislature – each state, regardless of population, receives two seats in the Senate, which is the more powerful chamber of Congress, and this pretty much always sways to the advantage of conservatives.

In reality, this system was designed – just like the American Constitution itself – to make certain that as little democracy as possible can influence the fundamental class relations of the country. Recall that it was wealthy and powerful bankers and slave owners who created the Constitution in the first place, and they designed the federal government specifically in........

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