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Billionaires like Bill Gates won’t save us from Covid, or fix fake news or the climate crisis. Because it’s not in their interests

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Billionaires. Our society has a complicated relationship with these folks since their mere existence at a time of record inequality only underscores the absurdity of our daily lives under capitalism. This is because none of them actually earned a billion dollars, rather they exploited workers to hoard that obscene wealth. They’re leeches, shouldn't exist but some, I assume, are good people.

One multi-billionaire, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, is definitely not a good person. In fact, I would say he’s a really s***ty one. Not because of his recently announced split from his wife of 27 years. But because, to name just one thing, he and others like him are directly responsible for keeping Covid-19 vaccines away from people, particularly poor people in the Global South, in order to uphold the very system that he benefits from.

In a piece in April for The New Republic, journalist Alexander Zaitchik beautifully lays out exactly how Gates, through his charity network, had essentially hijacked the global response to Covid-19 and maneuvered it away from the idea of a “people’s vaccine,” instead opting for the deeply unambitious COVAX program through the WHO that leaves monopoly medicine intact.

This happened because, Zaitchik writes, Gates and his network had implicitly argued that “intellectual property rights won’t present problems for meeting global demand or ensuring equitable access, and that they must be........

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