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Baton Rouge Cops Will Not Face Disciplinary Charges for Strip-Searching a Minor in Public

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Police Abuse

Billy Binion | 5.28.2021 4:25 PM

Days after an exclusive report by Reason, the Baton Rouge Police Department (BRPD) on Friday defended a traffic stop during which time five officers strip-searched a minor in public in January of last year because the cops allegedly smelled marijuana.

They then entered the family's home without a warrant or consent. BRPD Chief Murphy J. Paul said in a Friday press conference that an investigation is ongoing as it pertains to the warrantless entry, but that charges were not sustained over the traffic stop and search.

The body camera footage "represents a fraction of what occurred between our officers and civilians," said the BRPD chief of staff. The department aired additional footage on Friday after a court approved its release.

It did not change the story. Footage, incident reports, disciplinary records, and hearing transcripts obtained and released by Reason on Tuesday paint a troubling picture of what happened that day. That's particularly true when it comes to the tenure of Sergeant Ken Camallo, who has executed three warrantless searches since 2017 and who appeared to demonstrate a lack of truthfulness while testifying under oath about that January traffic stop. Yet he has continued to serve.

On January 1, 2020, Camallo alleges he pulled over a vehicle for "suspicious driving" after noticing it had out-of-state plates and had been parked in front of a "known drug house." Upon stopping the car, Camallo, joined by BRPD Officers Troy Lawrence Jr., Neil Porter, Jace Ducote, and Scott Johnson, proceeded to strip-search Clarence Green, then 23, and his 16-year-old brother, yanking down their underwear and prodding their genitals because the cops allegedly smelled marijuana.

They would go on to find weed on Green's brother. They would also find a firearm on Green, which he was prohibited from owning, as he was on probation for possession of Oxycodone, according to the initial police report.

That same document says the cops then traveled to the........

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