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Europe's Two Peace Missions

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WASHINGTON, DC – As we approach the end of 2021, the European Union is debating its choices and priorities in an increasingly dangerous world. Europe has succeeded since 1945 in realizing its foundational “peace project,” making war between old continental adversaries unthinkable and arguably reaching a Kantian “perpetual peace” within the territory of the Union.

  • Whipping Up America's Inflation Bogeyman Al Seib Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

    Whipping Up America's Inflation Bogeyman

    James K. Galbraith rejects the idea that price increases are a macroeconomic problem requiring the Federal Reserve to intervene.

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  • Our AI Odyssey PS OnPoint Subscriber Exclusive

    Our AI Odyssey

    Joseph S. Nye, Jr. reviews a highly anticipated new book on artificial intelligence by Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, and Daniel Huttenlocher.

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  • The Right Institutions for the Climate Transition Thomas KrychSOPA ImagesLightRocket via Getty Images

    The Right Institutions for the Climate Transition

    Mariana Mazzucato calls attention to the need for new mission-oriented structures at all levels of governance.

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    Moreover, although many analysts attribute the communist collapse of 1989-91 to the Soviet Union’s inability to sustain an arms race with the United States, a deeper reason for the failure of the Soviet bloc was the success of the West European social market economy. And nowhere was this clearer than in the competition between West and East Germany.

    Crucially, West Germany – and Western Europe more generally – demonstrated that it was possible to have a liberal democracy, a growing market economy, and policies that effectively redistributed income and provided comprehensive social........

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