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Capitalists and Socialists of the World, Unite!

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PRINCETON – The world’s most dynamic economy is governed by a communist party, whereas its previous capitalist stronghold is under the misrule of a man whose companies have gone bankrupt six times. With leading political ideologies becoming increasingly incoherent, labels seem to mean little anymore.

  • Why Biden Is Better Than Trump for the Economy Drew Angerer/Getty Images

    Why Biden Is Better Than Trump for the Economy

    Nouriel Roubini debunks the longstanding myth that Republicans are better than Democrats for growth, jobs, and markets.

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  • The Heart of the New Cold War PS OnPoint Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images

    The Heart of the New Cold War

    Andrew J. Nathan explains why human rights has become the defining issue in the Sino-American rivalry.

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  • The Roots of American Misery PS OnPoint Brad Barket/Getty Images

    The Roots of American Misery

    James K. Galbraith reviews three books by leading scholars on the sources of the country's political and socioeconomic discontent.

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    In the United States, President Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans contend that only they stand between the American dream and a socialist revolution. Although Trump’s Democratic challenger in November’s election, Joe Biden, advocates no such thing, he does support putting “an end to the era of shareholder capitalism.” In any case, capitalism and socialism are once again front and center in the contest for public opinion and voters’ support.

    But, unlike in past decades, the standard defense of capitalism has grown intellectually and politically weaker. While “woke capitalists” like the upmarket clothing brand Lululemon push marketing messages to “resist capitalism,” even traditional........

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