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How Democracy Can Win Again

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BUDAPEST – My political awakening coincided with the systemic changes that unfolded following the collapse of communism in Hungary in 1989. I was both fascinated and overjoyed by my country’s rapid democratization. As a teenager, I persuaded my family to drive me to the Austrian border to see history in the making: the dismantling of the Iron Curtain, which allowed East German refugees to head for the West. Reading many new publications and attending rallies for newly established democratic political parties, I was swept up by the atmosphere of unbounded hope for our future.

  • Learning the Right Lessons from US Economic Experimentation FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

    Learning the Right Lessons from US Economic Experimentation

    Dani Rodrik

    In one policy area after another – from trade to taxation to labor markets – the decades-old consensus in the United States has been replaced with something very different. But policymakers elsewhere would be wise to consider their own countries’ circumstances carefully before following America’s lead.

    shows how thoroughly the policy conversation in the US has been changed within the space of just a few years.

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  • The World 9/11 Made PS OnPoint Ahmad Sahel Arman/AFP via Getty Images Subscriber Exclusive

    The World 9/11 Made

    Richard Haass

    Although the attacks 20 years ago did not usher in an era of global terrorism, they did usher in the so-called Global War on Terrorism. And that profoundly affected what the US did in the world, how the world came to regard the US, and how many Americans came to view their country’s foreign policy.

    argues that the main changes have stemmed from America's strategically misguided response to the attacks.

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  • Three Lessons from a Two-Decade Failure MARCUS YAM LOS ANGELES TIMES

    Three Lessons from a Two-Decade Failure

    Javier Solana

    The debacle in Afghanistan this summer confirmed what many have long suspected: that........

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