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Joe Biden's Afghan Nightmare

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WASHINGTON, DC – It is far from clear that President Joe Biden deserves the obloquy heaped on him for the US evacuation from Afghanistan. This is especially true given the endings of other American wars, and the nearly impossible situation confronting him – in particular, that the Kabul airport is located within a city of millions which had just come under Taliban control.

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    The Colonial Trap

    Ian Buruma compares Afghanistan today to India in 1947 and says that Joe Biden, like Clement Attlee, made the right choice.

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    Green National Accounting

    William D. Nordhaus explains how to capture the economic effects of negative environmental externalities.

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    The EU Must Terminate Hungary's Membership

    Daron Acemoglu thinks the European Union must expel its illiberal spoilers or risk standing for nothing.

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    The repetitive airing of scenes of panicked Afghans clinging to C-17 cargo planes after this was no longer happening made for far more dramatic scenes than the smooth take-offs that followed during the next 17 days of evacuation, yet news programs kept rerunning those chaotic images, creating an impression of Biden as hapless. Yet, some 120,000 US people – including troops of US allies as well as Afghans who had helped the US cause – were evacuated by air from Kabul, a logistical triumph.

    Since Biden chose to end the evacuation by August 31, the date he had set, a few hundred Americans – some not ready to........

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