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Social Democracy Beats Democratic Socialism

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CAMBRIDGE – It used to be an unwritten rule of US politics that a socialist could never qualify for high national office. But now a self-proclaimed “democratic socialist,” US Senator Bernie Sanders, is the leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. Should America embrace the change?

  • Money and Empire PS OnPoint Ann Ronan/PicturesPrint/Collector/Getty Images

    Money and Empire

    Harold James reviews two histories of Britain's economic, financial, and military subjugation of India and China.

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  • Europe Must Recognize China for What It Is Xinhua/Li Tao via Getty Images

    Europe Must Recognize China for What It Is

    George Soros worries that the pursuit of business is threatening the values on which the European Union was founded.

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  • Has the “Great Decoupling” Gone Viral? PS OnPoint Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

    Has the “Great Decoupling” Gone Viral?

    Kevin Rudd assesses the oft-heard claim that the United States and China are heading for a hard, sharp break.

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    Democrats have made the primaries about much more than US President Donald Trump. Sanders’s momentum reflects a yearning for radical solutions to serious structural economic problems. In the decades after World War II, the US economy became steadily more productive, and wages for all workers – regardless of education – grew by over 2% per year, on average. But that is no longer the case today.

    Over the last four decades, productivity growth has been lackluster, economic growth has slowed, and an increasing share of the gains have gone to capital owners and the highly educated. Meanwhile, median wages have stagnated, and the real (inflation-adjusted) wages of workers with a high-school education or less have actually fallen. Just a few companies (and their owners) dominate much of the........

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