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Why did Madonna go ballistic when someone simply talked about her age?

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Madonna is very unhappy about "Madonna at Sixty."

That's the title of the recent New York Times Magazine profile of the pop diva, a piece of journalism so needlessly long, I wondered if I might be 60 myself by the time I finished reading it (and Madonna herself, dead).

It turns out I'm not a day older.

And Madonna is alive and livid.

She isn't mad about the length of the piece.

She's angry about its focus: the theme that ties the profile together is not her music, nor her fashion choices (she wears an eye patch these days), but her age.

And it's true: the profile's author, Vanessa Grigoriadis, a mom of 45, refers to both herself and Madonna in the piece as "older mothers." It's clear throughout that she wants the diva's personal take on getting up there.

Grigoriadis writes, "When we talked about aging, I was surprised when she [Madonna] turned the issue back on me. 'I think you think about growing old too much,' she said later. 'I think you think about age too much. I think you should just stop thinking about it.' "

If only she had stopped writing about it.

Last week, after the profile landed online, Madonna posted a scathing critique to Instagram, condemning Grigoriadis for focusing on her age.

"The journalist who wrote this article spent days and hours and months with me," Madonna........

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