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Fixing the system

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When Prime Minister Imran Khan, two years in the office, states that some system does not let him work, should not we be worried?

What is this system? It is something akin to culture that you cannot see but surely you can feel it. Just like culture, system too evolves over a period of time. And just like culture, it’s hard to break, composed of a variety of vested interests; it forces you to do things in a certain way otherwise forces you out. President George W. Bush’s famous saying “Either you are with us…” after the 9/11 attacks in the United States tells you exactly how this system works. In Pakistan, until now the system has flourished and proved more resilient than the Prime Minister’s efforts to root it out.

We have already witnessed the power of the system in the last year or so. And this is not the first time the system has displayed its power. Lt. General (r) Shahid Aziz, the Chairman of National Accountability Bureau from November 2004 to May 2007, said in one of his interviews “I was told repeatedly not to create problems and not to destabilize the government, otherwise the system would collapse. They (President Musharraf and his hand-picked citi-banker turned Prime Minister and their team) gave a strange logic that corruption and economic development go hand in hand.” Sounds familiar? This is the same mantra we hear from PML (N) and the PPP and even from some within the government.

NAB at that time was pursuing corruption in Sugar and oil industries among others. Yes, you heard it right, sugar for over pricing and oil for another kind of corruption that we hear little about and I would like to share with our readers. It is the policy of the government to sell oil at the same rate all over the country. Therefore, the cost of transportation of oil from Karachi towards the North of the country is absorbed by the government and reimbursed to........

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