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A higher court?

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Robert H. Jackson, Associate Justice, United States Supreme Court concurred in the ruling that declared the Supreme Court as the court of last appeal in February 1953. And said “There is no doubt that if there were a super-Supreme Court, a substantial proportion of our reversals of state courts would also be reversed. We are not final because we are infallible; we know that we are infallible only because we are final.”

This question of a higher court than the Supreme Court of Pakistan intrigues me quite often. Would our justice system improve with such a change? Would people of Pakistan be served better, more efficiently and in a less costly way? Or in a cost-effective manner like our corporates propagate each time embarking on a so- called golden handshake scheme? It is no secret what the people want. They want cheap, speedy and even- handed justice. A common litigant just cannot afford the time and cost involved in something that might never happen in his lifetime. Be it a civil or a criminal matter. If we look at these three essential ingredients of a justice system we might easily conclude that our justice system sadly lacks all of these and then some. J.B Morton said that “Justice must not only be seen to be done. It must be seen to be believed.” This is exactly what the common person wants– to believe in the justice system.

So, if we have a higher court than the Supreme Court what might........

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