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Indo-US agreement on nuclear power

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Put simply, nuclear energy is a vast power that we get when its different elements react among themselves. As a result of these reactions, it releases energy to generate heat and this energy is used in many ways across the world. Generally, it is obtained from three types of reaction: nuclear fission, nuclear decay and nuclear fusion. Its most common positive use today is the production of electricity with the nuclear fission through the help of uranium or plutonium. Presently, it is the cheapest and least fatal source of getting electricity in comparison with other sources such as coal, petroleum, natural gas and hydroelectricity. The commercialization of nuclear energy started in 1970s and since then it has prevented about1.84 million air pollution-related deaths and has also saved the emission of at least 64 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent that would have otherwise resulted from the burning of fossil fuels. In December 2019 there were 443 civilian fission reactors in the world and the USA has the largest inventory of nuclear reactors with a generating capacity of over 800 TWh zero-emissions electricity per year. Washington has also the record of discovering the first nuclear reaction which led to the creation of the first man-made reactor. Soon it also achieved criticality on 2 December1942 and became a part of Manhattan Project, an allied effort which successfully made atomic bomb during the Second World War. The bomb was tested in July 1945 and after a month in August, it was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki causing a memorable devastation in world history.

At the end of World War II, the USA was unquestionably a superpower of nuclear energy. When this energy entered politics it became a power, the power of the country or nation which possesses it by hook or by crook. As a result in post-war phase a blind race started among powers of the world to achieve this capability and surprisingly many of them obtained the ability of nuclear energy in 1950s, the........

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