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Readers sound off on Texas Republicans, Elton John and Brian Laundrie

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Arcata, Calif.: As asinine and arrogant as the average anti-American, neo-Confederate conservative racist is these days, one mistake that you can always count on the GOP (Greedy Old Perverts) to make like clockwork — just in time for an upcoming national election — is the unwarranted and unwise act of political overreach. And ending Roe v. Wade is the political science textbook definition of overreach!

As an unapologetically pro-choice partisan Democrat, please allow me to personally be the first to publicly thank right-wing reactionary Texas Republicans in print for handing victory in the upcoming 2022 national congressional elections to the Democratic Party, not to mention Greg Abbott cowardly committing political suicide immediately prior to his now doomed re-election campaign for governor. Abbott has had it, y’all. Good riddance!

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett “The Boofer” Kavanaugh also deserves a dishonorable mention in this moronic morass of the ridiculous Republican Party’s own making because creepy Kavanaugh and his anti-Constitution cohort on the court just couldn’t stand waiting another couple of months to end Roe v. Wade by upholding the state of Mississippi’s anti-choice law, scheduled to be reviewed by the Supreme Court in November. No, these five foolish fascist fanatics masquerading in majestic black robes on the Republican-controlled Supreme Court had to end Roe v. Wade right now, in Texas of all places, the largest traditionally red state in the union that is on the verge of becoming a blue state in the next election cycle or two, regardless of the Texas GOP’s desperate voter suppression attempts. Jake Pickering

Jackson Heights: I’m not surprised to hear that the tourists who assaulted the NYC restaurant hostess came from Texas (“Twisted Tex. trio,” Sept. 18). Their governor is among the notably red-state leaders doing everything in their power to extend the pandemic. If you’re equally determined........

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