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I'm not keen to jump on a polluting and crowded plane again

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How spoilt and entitled do people sound when they are whining about not knowing when, and if, they can fly off somewhere hot on holiday this year?

The amount of ‘I’m alright Jack, I’m vaccinated so I want to get on with my life now’ stropping is shameful.

How soon people forget. A year ago, they were on their doorsteps clanking pots and pans weeping crocodile tears for the tens of thousands of people dying from coronavirus, terrified to leave the house.

Now, it’s hangdog hard-done-by: “I just want to get out of this miserable country and get some sun after the long winter lockdown”, claiming deprivation of a natural right to travel.

Well, doesn’t everyone want the world to open up, but how quickly ‘we’re all in this together’ is forgotten?

The irony that so many now “desperate” to get out of this country to Spanish beaches were those most vociferous five years ago to break from their beloved Europe they now crave so much.

You’d like to think that, instead of racing to change their so-cherished British pounds to Euros before you can say Ole, their priority would be recharging the UK economy with their annual holiday spending ahead of boosting the Spanish coffers, but hey. Memories are short and self-interest will always win with........

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