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Profanity at Women’s March proves protesters aren’t learning: Devine

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Bedraggled pussy hats were the order of the day as the climate gods frowned on the Women’s March on Saturday with sleet and slushy snow in New York and Washington.

There was good reason to frown, considering the crude obscenities and general puerile smut on display.

“F–k Trump,” read the signs.

“Public Cervix Announcement: F–k the patriarchy.”

“I support men’s rights to STFU.”

“Pussy bites back.”

“Women don’t owe you s–t.”

Plenty are too coarse to repeat, along with illustrations of female body parts.

I guess we should be grateful we were spared the spectacle of small children, one barely school-aged, holding signs and screaming “F Donald Trump!” as in the Women’s March in Los Angeles. Great parenting there.

Who do these angry feminists think they’re shocking with their vulgarities and cartoon vaginas? Men?

Hardly. You should see what the porn industry has done with pussy hats. Men dressing up as giant vaginas for stag parties: Is that empowering for women?

In fact, courtesy and chivalry, not to mention marriage and motherhood, serve women and children more than they do men. Now these virtues are derided by liberals as artifacts of an evil patriarchy, along with police and border protection.

The upshot is a society ruled by the law of the jungle, in which women and children are most at risk.

It’s not clear why a march ostensibly about women had to degenerate into such rank profanity. It immediately disqualifies the participants from civilized discourse.

Just because Donald Trump speaks crudely at times doesn’t require you to descend to that level to critique him. It just means you lost the........

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