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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a true believer of his own lies: Goodwin

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As a young reporter covering New York politics, I was shocked at how frequently city and state officials lied to the press. They did it on big issues and small ones, to your face and in writing, on the record and off the record. It was so automatic and casual that it seemed instinctive.

I once mentioned my dismay to Murray Kempton, an older, courtly, onetime Post columnist whose generosity of spirit extended even to the most venal, as long as they weren’t politicians.

Kempton looked at me with a seen-it-all shrug and declared: “Why shouldn’t they lie to you? They lie to themselves all the time.”

Which brings us to Gov. ­Cuomo’s Monday press conference where he declared, “I have told you the facts on COVID from Day One . . . I told you the truth.”

That’s a provable lie and a damnable one, too. But in the spirit of Kempton, who died in 1997, let us consider the possibility that Cuomo no longer has the ability to distinguish truth from untruth. Having lied to himself for so long, lying to the public comes naturally.

As Hyman Roth might have said, this is the business he’s chosen.

Cuomo’s business is politics and, in his own weird way, he’s very good at it. He has conquered Albany like no one in modern memory.

He used to say the state needed a strong governor and Cuomo has been that to a fault.

A Democrat at birth, he early on worked with Republicans who controlled the Senate so he could triangulate with centrist Dems. Now that far-left Dems control both houses, he has pummeled them into submission, striking fear into their timid hearts.

His approach is pure carrot and stick: The carrot is that he won’t use the stick if you submit.

Recall that back in March, on the same day the fourth and fifth women came forward........

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