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The United States has Again become Concerned over a Host of Tibetan Issues

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It should be stated right away that the very presence of “Tibetan issues” in contemporary international politics is almost entirely due to those phobias that are whipped up by the United States due to the fact that the PRC is turning into a second global power. Whereas as far as the latter is concerned, there are no significant transnational “Tibetan issues” at all.

Beijing recognizes the existence of “some rough patches” in how the country’s Tibet Autonomous Region functions; however, these are chiefly historical in nature, and their importance is continuously waning, even in the domestic political arena.

Just two decades ago, the position taken by Beijing was also not publicly disputed by Washington. However, in early 2000s, the prospect of the abovementioned transformation for the PRC has shifted away from the area of political constructs and into the field of real international politics, becoming its most important component. And even back in 2002, the US Congress became concerned about an array of issues in the TAR, which were reflected in the corresponding legislative act (the Tibetan Policy Act 2002).

Then, an almost ten-year period of uncertainty followed in US-China relations, one during which Washington did not lose hope for the possibility of including the PRC in its own orbit of influence. However, by 2012 it became ultimately clear that the G2 project, proposed by those American policy gurus Z. Brzezinski and H. Kissinger, does not have any prospects.

Then the process of the gradual deterioration of bilateral political relations began, which sharply accelerated during the second half of the presidency of the current US administration. At the same time, various internal problems in the PRC, mainly caused by the relations that the country’s central government has with ethnoreligious minorities concentrated in several autonomous........

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