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Who Will Foot the Bill for America’s Military Bases Overseas?

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Although Washington has closed a number of US military bases in recent years, the country still maintains approximately 800 military bases in over 70 countries, ranging from giant compounds to small radar facilities. Most of America’s military bases were established during the Cold War, but some of them have only appeared relatively recently. Over the last few years, the risk of military confrontation with China has increased, which could see conflict breaking out in the Asia-Pacific region, East Asia and Southeast Asia. This is why US military bases in Japan, South Korea, as well as Singapore, have become crucially important for the United States.

A study conducted by American Professor David Vine highlights the geographical reach of US military bases, which are scattered across many different locations all over the world. It would therefore be no stretch of the imagination to say that these military bases not only help Washington to extend its sphere of influence to reach every corner of the earth, but they are also being used by the US to try and control almost the entire world.

The United States spends billions of dollars maintaining its image as the “world’s policeman”, which could be put to other uses to benefit the American economy. However, Washington is not going to just withdraw its global military presence, since American dominance is maintained on aircraft carriers, fighter jets and bayonets of US marines to name a few.

The US Department of Defense is allocated a $650 billion annual budget, and $70-100 billion of this budget is spent on servicing overseas military bases every year. Back in the day, the US tried to offer attractive incentives to make it profitable for countries to host these military bases and the troops stationed there. While some developed counties might be capable of covering their own security needs without having to rely on US security assistance (e.g. Germany, France or Japan), the US military bases........

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