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US Loses Yet Another War

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The United States has not won a single war since the defeat of Japan (which, incidentally, was defeated with the active support of Russia). Moreover, the US was beaten by Third World armies in Korea and Vietnam, and in the 21st century, when it invaded Afghanistan, almost 20 years later it was also defeated by lightly armed Taliban units. Armed invasion of Iraq resulted in yet another defeat.

Spending trillions of dollars on useless and unwinnable wars, the White House does not notice how the standard of living in the United States is steadily declining, the degradation of social policy in the country is occurring, health care has been completely neglected, and hence the catastrophic losses of population from the pandemic coronavirus, which have already surpassed the US losses in World War II.

The American wars and war crimes that have occurred at the hands of Washington’s rulers in recent years have wreaked havoc and violence everywhere, and this historic combination of lawlessness and failure has, as might be expected, undermined America’s international power and credibility. Meanwhile, inside the empire, at the very heart of it, social media spin doctors have divided Americans and captured their minds and souls, more successfully than the ideologues of communism and religious radicalism for which Washington, like McCarthyism, has for years proclaimed itself intolerant.

As the American media rightly and accurately point out, communist China lifted 800 million people out of poverty in just ten years while the poverty rate in America has hardly changed in half a century; child poverty has even increased. Today America still has the weakest social safety net compared to any developed country, no universal health care system, and income inequality has left half the US population........

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