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More and More Countries are Trying to Find a Compromise in Afghanistan

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Against the backdrop of a spike of unrest along the border with Afghanistan and in the country itself after the withdrawal of US troops, more and more states in the region are trying to take every opportunity to maintain stability in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. While several regional players such as Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and the USA have to some extent lost influence over the forces, they sponsor in the region, and sometimes even face defections to more extremist groups, more and more other actors are joining the search for an Afghan compromise.

After a series of successes of the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation) in different provinces, the government troops of Afghanistan have launched a counter-offensive and announced the capture of several provinces, in particular, the Bamyan Province, the Surkhi Parsa district of Parwan Province, and the Malistan district center, Ghazni Province, in Central Afghanistan. At the same time, inter-Afghan negotiations between Kabul and the radical Taliban in Doha continue with varying success, which, according to some observers, are encouraging. However, concrete results are not yet visible. It is believed that the Taliban are “fed up with the war” and are ready to look for compromise in Afghanistan. Younger generations of passionate fighters are emerging, with great enthusiasm, who have not yet lived in unoccupied Afghanistan but believe they are fighting to liberate Afghanistan from foreign troops. This passionate young part of the movement, led by field commanders, is radicalized.

Many experts agree that the Doha negotiation format is clearly no longer up to the task, and so new venues are now emerging for attempts to resolve the Afghan crisis.

Against this backdrop, Moscow is actively involved in the negotiation process, providing its territory to search for peace in that country. A delegation from the Taliban political office recently visited Moscow. On July 22, the second consultation on Afghanistan was held in Moscow. Representatives of the United States, China, Pakistan, the Afghan government, and the radical Islamist Taliban movement........

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