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Kurds Rebuild Ties with Washington to Even the Score with Ankara and Damascus

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The cultural identity of the Middle East where peoples lived for century without statehood has given the Kurds a particularly strong incentive to carry on their struggle for independence over the last few decades, and American political strategists have taken full advantage of this. That is why the Kurds have been designated a place on the map to establish their own independent state of Kurdistan in America’s plans for the Greater Middle East (MENA), which would serve as a new Washington-controlled ally with a population of 30 million, and would owe its existence to the United States. Yet being able to rely on US-funded Kurdish armed groups to deal with regional security issues would be just one of the tasks the White House plans to allocate to this Kurdish state, given that the Kurds have proven they are capable in combat and have demonstrated their commitment to achieving military objectives. The state could also be used to maintain a favorable power balance in the Middle East from Washington’s point of view, between Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and part of the Kurds’ historical homeland in east Transcaucasia between the Kur and Araxes rivers, where they have lived for centuries.

In order to go about seizing Syrian and Iraqi territory where Kurdistan could be established in the future without violating international law, the US used their fight against DAESH (banned in Russia), which had taken the entire geo-cultural historical region traditionally inhabited by the Kurds in the Levant. Washington planned to sustain the Kurdish–Turkish conflict between the Republic of Turkey and various Kurdish insurgent groups fighting to gain independence for Northern Kurdistan in Eastern and Southeastern Turkey. Washington must surely have its own “Kurdish plan” for Iran like Turkey’s, where Kurds make up 9% of the country’s........

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