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Iraq May Be on the Verge of a Civil Strife

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Regrettably, Iraq is going through one of the most serious political crises since the unjustified aggression of the United States, which deliberately destroyed the state mechanism of the Arab country. Nine months after the last parliamentary elections, Iraqi politicians still have not agreed on candidates for the posts of president and prime minister. Inevitably, disagreements between politicians eventually have led to bloody street clashes. Most recently, supporters of the influential Shiite politician Muqtada al-Sadr, who claims the leadership in the country, stormed the parliament twice in a protest against the candidate put forward by a coalition of al-Sadr’s opponents. As a result, troops were called in to Baghdad, and many politicians are now speaking about the start of a fierce civil war.

Iraq’s interim Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi has rightly warned that the current political impasse between political parties has caused a “great political tension” that could lead to “terrible consequences.” This statement was made amidst protests held in Baghdad by supporters of two opposing political forces. Tensions between the Sadrist movement from the Sayirun bloc and the pro-Iranian Coordination Structure (CS) have recently intensified after the Sadrist bloc left parliament last month. Thousands of supporters of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr have declared a sit-in outside parliament after days of protests that are growing and spreading to the rest of Iraq.

Supporters of the CS also held retaliatory protests in Baghdad on August 1. They tried to enter the Green Zone, where government offices and foreign embassies are located, but remained in close proximity to the concrete walls of the zone after appeals from their leaders, who asked them not to press forward. “I invite all parties to sit down at the national dialogue table to find a political solution to the current crisis,” al-Kadhimi added in his statement. He also called for the formation of a committee, which should include representatives of all relevant parties, “to draw up a roadmap for solving political problems.”

The sad legacy of the US aggression against independent Iraq, when all state institutions were destroyed, continues to take a heavy toll on Iraqi........

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