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West Seeks Control Over Asian Rivers

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At first glance the human rights and environmental issues surrounding a proposed dam seem like serious objections to their construction. In some cases they may be.

In other cases – these concerns are manufactured, promoted, and cynically exploited by foreign special interests who seek to impede dam construction and likewise impede the march forward of the developing nations seeking to build them.

The key to knowing the difference is following the money behind groups opposing construction – and in many cases – the same handful of opposition groups can be found protesting the construction of dams across the entire developing world.

“International Rivers” Seeks Western Control of “Rivers Internationally”

Much of what is claimed and promoted in the West to be “international” often merely means Western fronts seeking to impose themselves and their interests “internationally.”

“International Rivers” is no different. As a supposed nongovernmental organization (NGO) – it claims to be “at the heart of the global struggle to protect rivers and the rights of communities that depend on them.”

In reality, International Rivers is a Western corporate-funded foundation dedicated to imposing control over the use of rivers worldwide through a network of likewise Western-funded “local” NGOs.

International Rivers’ opposition to dam construction in the developing world is not predicated on any genuine concern for human rights or environmental issues surrounding rivers – or “the rights of communities that depend on them” – but instead is dictated by who is constructing the dam.

Dams financed by the likewise deceptively named World Bank receive only token attention from International Rivers – which was only created toward the end of the World Bank’s own dam building........

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