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Amid Turkey's Operation in Syria, Ankara-Moscow Relations Stay Rock-solid

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While the mainstream Western media has spent last two years or so predicting a ‘downfall’ of Turkish-Russian relations because of some (perceived) fundamental strategic differences between the two countries in Syria, the actual trajectory of their bi-lateral relations has been just the opposite of what seemed imminent in the Western media reports. Again, while Turkish incursions into Syria seemed to have sowed the seeds of disruption, Turkish-Russian relations remain undisturbed even though a US decision to address Turkey’s long-standing concerns was expected to give a positive spin to the bi-lateral relations of NATO’s two biggest military members. This, however, isn’t happening. Turkey, on the contrary, remains in the Russian camp and, in fact, is taking steps that potentially aim to disrupt the US-dollar financial empire and dent its ability to impose sanctions on countries that continue to oppose Washington’s hegemonic moves.

Amid row over the US decision to pull its forces out of Syria and give Turkish forces a leeway to attack the Kurdish controlled areas, Turkey and Russia signed a currency agreement, allowing both countries to conduct trade and settle payments in their local currencies. Ridding themselves of the US dollar means that both countries have successfully created a firewall against any possible US........

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