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When the Deep State Controls Deep Thinking and Russophobia

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As citizens interested in policy, we can learn a great deal from the quasi-academic studies on Russian foreign relations strategies. A cursory review of any English language archive of academic papers on Putin, Russia, or even the word “oligarch” will produce a score of experts with doctorates who “know” exactly what Russia and her president are “up to.” My latest excursion into the knowledge vault at Academia.edu may be the benchmark for all future Russophobic genius.

In a white paper entitled “Putin’s Grand Strategy and US National Interests,” Dr.

Christopher Marsh just comes right out and calls Russia a bunch of criminals led by an archvillain. From my perspective as an American citizen who actually studied Russia-US policy and detente objectively, it’s discomforting to know the military and our military industrial complex hold this dangerous attitude. I’ll explain why.

Dr. Christopher Marsh is a Senior Fellow in the Center for Strategic Studies at the Joint Special Operations University at US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). While this begins to sink in, let me explain that Dr. Marsh is “teaching” America’s brave, stalwart, and truthfully loyal Doberman Pinchers (Navy Seals etc.) that their missions to thwart Putin are from God. Or, for those agnostics on Seal Team Six, that anybody they snuff out from behind with a custom made Winkler belt knife deserves it. Sorry, I’m no pacifists, but academic propaganda fed into skilled killers is where the metal hits the meat. Marsh is just full of it, let me show you.

The white paper in question begins with the pretense that the author intends to “examine” whether or not Putin and Russia have a strategy. The author sets up his audience by pretending objectivity, then carries on to brainwash his readership (and class audience) that Putin does indeed want to take over the world. Here is the lead in:

“One of the most significant questions surrounding Russian foreign policy is whether or not Russian president Vladimir Putin has an overarching strategy.”

Now, it’s important to visualize a classroom environment at a Virginia naval base and a sleepy U.S. Navy warfighter who’s been up three days on maneuvers. Smart as they (meaning navy squids), most Seal team members could run a corporation if inclined, but delving into politics is a subject........

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