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NATO: A Dangerous Dumbo Elephant in the General Assembly Room

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World business and political systems are in a mess. America is run by a billionaire reality show host who builds golf courses and casino hotels. The European Union is about to have an economic breakdown after a cultural embolism. China still operates in a stasis of mutual distrust around the world. India is in a dense fog of burning coal smog. And most of the rest of the world is just sick and tired of America running the show. Africa still deals with colonialism. Latin America is still a coup d’état away from more misery. Somebody stop me before I start writing another book!

Ta-da! Enter Dumbo NATO

Right in the middle of all this sandpaper rubbing humanity sits the United Nations. The collective watering hole where the beasts of the geopolitical Serengeti come to drink, the UN reminds me of a Rudyard Kipling story gone wrong. Just turn the Jungle Book upside down and shake it, and the sweet intentions of a man-cub story end up like the most ghoulish episode of The Walking Dead TV series. In other words, don’t be surprised to hear of the UN General Assembly breaking down and eating one another. We just get along THAT badly.

To make matters even worse, smack dab in the middle of the UN assembly hall there sits a great big elephant nobody knows how to deal with. NATO is a snarly-lip, tusk prodding, smelly, rogue of an animal so fearsome a fart from the heavy beast is enough to smother Russia or anybody else in the room.

Or, was this always just a story like those long-winded Rudyard Kipling ones?

NATO never accomplished anything good in 70 years. And UN countries are just plain tired of the smelly old pachyderm. France thinks NATO is more like Dumbo than the Pyrrhus’s Pachyderms of Alexander the Great. Hell, even President Emmanuel Macron said so recently when he called the........

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