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Gizmodo and the Liberal World Order Decepticons

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Here’s another good one for you. Gizmodo is now sure that Vladimir Putin and his Russian minions created a veritable network powered by Twitter Decepticons aimed at presidential candidate Hillary (Mrs. Optimus Prime) Clinton. Here’s an initial look into who is really manipulating social media for evil.

Now that the Trump-Putin conspiracy to turn the U.S.A. into a satellite of a new U.S.S.R. has been proven to be a hoax, it appears the liberal world order is turning up the stinky gas on Mr. Putin. Using a report provided by American cybersecurity company Symantec,

Gizmodo was just sold to Great Hill Partners, an equity and venture capital fund run by CEO Christopher (Chris) Gaffney, who also happens to be the Director at Ikon Science Limited in the EU. Pertinent to my “Decepticons” introduction, Ikon Science has joined the National Oceanography Centre, Shell, BP and OEAGHG in an initiative to close the gap on the missing research available for Carbon Capture and Storage. Please digest this tidbit for a moment.

Now that you suspect Gizmodo of pumping out propaganda against Russia’s energy and growth initiatives, let me add more fuel to any outrageous globalists fires I may have rekindled. An even more fascinating tidbit about Icon Science is the company’s dealings with a North Sea oil exploration outfit called Oilexco, which supposedly received (get this) 1 million barrels worth of oil in a program that led to supporting the regime of Sadaam Hussein. Back in 2004, the head of Oilexco, Arthur Millholland was under investigation but denied any culpability in such a program. Today, Millholland is in Nigeria at play for Canadian Overseas Oil.

Even the U.S. State Department’s Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty reported that every major and minor oil company in Iraq participated. Only the CIA broadcast network pointed the damning finger at Russian companies instead of our British and Canadian friends.

Much has been claimed with regards to Twitter accounts like the @TEN_GOP banned by........

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