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Russia did it Again – Chasing the Bounty Hunters

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Russia did it again. This time it’s paying to kill Americans. How criminal!

Such things only Americans would do – Washington, the Pentagon, CIA…. Because killing is in their mindset and bloodstream. That’s what criminals do: they project their own crimes onto others.

The latest NYT reporting is, “It’s not the Taliban that were offered a ‘bounty’ for killing American / NATO soldiers, but Afghan criminals.” The NYT admits to a mistake in their reporting – a mistake that had already been confirmed by another two media traitors, the WashPost and the WSJ? – Com-on, NYT! You are openly disclosing that you are a cheat?

Preceding his latest lie, the New York Times (NYT) reported on several consecutive days over the last week that “US Intel” found out that Russia had paid Afghan Taliban to kill American soldiers and their NATO allies in Afghanistan.

No substantiation whatsoever.

Washpost and WSJ have “confirmed” accuracy of the NYT story – also with no substantiation, no evidence whatsoever.

All lies.

How long, and how often can Washington get away with flagrant – every time more flagrant lies – and people believe it, or at least pay attention and think to themselves – if these “reputed” (sic-sic) so-called “news-outlets” say it – there must a smoking gun.

There is no smoking........

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