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America's "Quad Alliance" is a Dead End

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The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue or “Quad” as it’s been referred to is a US-led bloc created in 2007 consisting of the US itself, Australia and supposedly Japan and India.

The fact that it has been “revived” by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo after its creation during the administration of former US President Barack Obama helps illustrate the continuous nature of US foreign policy despite who occupies the White House and that unelected interests rather than America’s elected representatives drive (and will continue to drive) this anti-Chinese policy regardless of who wins America’s elections in November.

The Western media has attempted to claim China’s growing “assertive” nature is at the root of recent, deteriorating relations between it and the Quad, but the truth is blatantly clear to see. In each case, from Australia to India to Japan, it is the US creating and exploiting crisis after crisis to poison any potential form of cooperation with China amid its own self-inflicted trade war with China.

So costly is this strategy of tension created and exploited by Washington on membership in this bloc that even Australia has flip-flopped over its willingness to commit to it. Because of its ultimately unsustainable nature, it seems a matter of when, not if this recent sprint ends once again in a winded America surrounded by frustrated allies.

Australia Wrecking Ties With China to Please Washington

At the moment, Australia is in the middle of one of its more zealous stages of support for the project creating tensions with China based on unfounded accusations originating in Washington.

Australia’s behavior has resulted in a quickly expanding tit-for-tat battle between itself and China targeting areas of economics, the media, academia and even tourism. For China, it has many options when it comes to trading partners and destinations for its students and tourists. For Australia, who counts China as its largest trading partner, finding alternatives range from difficult to impossible.

The remaining Quad members, the US, Japan and India, are far from anything resembling such an alternative meaning that for Australia to fully commit to confronting China, it must fully commit to permanent economic decline and all the related consequences it implies.

The final outcome of Australia’s........

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