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Would the US destroy Venezuela to punish Russia and China?

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The lights are coming back on in Venezuela, businesses are starting to reopen and the country seems to have suffered through the worst of the power outages, at least this stage of it anyway. We will now have some time to take a closer look at what happened, and why.

All eyes are no longer on the Mideast, Ukraine, North Korea, Russia or China. In a world where chaos theory reigns, the public cannot be allowed to focus too much attention on one problem, as it might be able to figure out a way to solve it or who the real guilty parties are.

New problems have to be created to keep people off balance and not have any proven remedies in their coping tool kit to protect themselves from whoever is putting the screws to them to force their compliance on any demands they have been resisting.

My case in point is that Venezuela, what is being inflicted there now by its persecutors via the mounting sanctions regime, is entering the “crime against humanity” category, the kind where powerful nation states with diplomatic immunity hold themselves out as untouchable.

I was puzzled a week ago when US statements were fed out to the news, after the EU took the position that there should be no military solution to the Venezuelan political crisis, but that it should be solved via negotiations.

The US followed up quickly that it was not considering military action, meaning open, overt military action. The lame press that we have did not jump on the changing story to demand answers as to what would replace the military action plan.

I smelled a rat, because I knew Bolton and his NeoCon gangster buddies had not been transformed into peace negotiators overnight. It’s just not in their DNA. But I did not have to wait long, and I must admit I did not anticipate what has happened.

The timing of the collapse of Venezuela’s main electric power........

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