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US Denial of Sovereignty – Unipolarism Laid Bare

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“With a gentleman I am always a gentleman and a half, and with a fraud I try to be a fraud and a half. ~ Otto von Bismark, Prussian statesman who dominated German and European affairs from the 1860s until 1890.

American Unipolarism may seem like a Trump-inspired creation, but it has deeper roots. As a concept, Unipolarism was created long before Trump took center stage. He has just taken it to a new level, telling country after country that if they do not do what he says, he will punish them via a variety of sanction tools, or even military force if he so desires.

Paul Wolfowitz, in his infamous 1992 Defense Planning Guidance paper, promoted the need for Washington to “account sufficiently for the interests of the advanced industrial nations to discourage them from challenging our [US] leadership or seeking to overturn the established economic and political order.”

How ironic to watch Trump take a wrecking ball to the established economic order with his sanctions jihad, as he raises the bar for chaos theory.

Unipolarism comes out of the closet

From The Guardian back in 2007 we have, “The problem with the US hegemony is that it’s hegemonic, not that it’s American.” The Guardian went on to say, “The intervention in Iraq has strengthened the very forces of extremism and violence it was meant to weaken, with the result that we are in much greater danger.”

Recently, we saw sudden mass uprisings in Iraq timed with the start of their big religious pilgrimage, apparently because Iraq had been working to get trade with Syria cranked up again, and with militarily wiping out the last remnants of ISIS in the border areas. Historically, these demonstrations have happened in July during the summer heat, and so, the smell of another regime overthrow effort is in the Iraqi air.

President Putin characterized the hegemony issue in his 2007 historic Munich Security Conference address, which has become a classic, where he stated that the unipolar model is inherently flawed,

“…Because it concentrates power in ways that are unhealthy and undemocratic…The United States, in contrast, is in favor of interference in other countries on principle: because it seeks a Unipolar world, with a single democratic system, and considers itself the final authority as to which regime a country should have and how it should run its affairs”.

Syria is still unipolarism’s ground zero?

Putin’s words are as true today as they were twelve years ago. But now we have the king of unipolarism with us in Mr. Trump having taken his flamboyant reality TV show style into the........

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