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Israeli Post-Election Countdown – Can Bibi Survive?

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“Just societies cannot be run by big money or armed forces with their too narrow agendas. Limitless desire for wealth and blind ambition must be watched and contained as potential public dangers.” – Plato

Israel’s election is not really over until a new government is formed. Without a new government, it will be faced with the possibility of a third election within a year, something that no one wants to go through again. But a recent poll taken on how Israelis would vote in a third election came in statistically the same as the last vote count.

Party lines and positions seem to be cast in concrete, with no one having the hammer and chisel to break them apart so a new arrangement can be formed. Part of the problem is the animosity between some of the various parties having long painful histories.

The Israeli Left is out of the picture, having died a slow death, to the point of only holding a few seats. Many of its members actually worked on election day, helping to drive Israeli Arabs to the polls to help them get 18-seats, the highest representation they have ever had.

The clock is ticking down on Netanyahu’s mandate to form a government next week, but all his attempts to negotiate one have run up against the promises that party leaders had made going into the election about who they would not have in their coalition.

The Joint Arab Party has remained above the fray, choosing to use its 18 Knesset seats in the new Parliament to be the first Arab opposition party in Israeli history, but it will miss out having any governmental ministries. As the official opposition, it is afforded special privileges like interacting with foreign leaders and getting security briefings. It is now in the bleachers watching the other parties try to wheel and deal themselves into power.

Parallel to the drama of forming a government is the Bibi courtroom drama, which has been woven into the daily fabric of negotiations. President........

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